Nothing looks the same if you hire the correct video editor for your footages… You will love the outcome…

Do you have a footage in your hand that you want them to be combined into a few minutes/seconds long video? Or you have a project that requires to be presented in a few minutes by captivating the viewers but you don’t know how to do it? Well this is why there are video freelancers out there (like me). First of all, you need to understand what freelancer video editors do before hiring video editor.

  • What do the freelancer video editors do?

Simplest answer will be; they edit the videos. But I prefer the long way and tell you what freelancers do. We not only combine your untidy pictures/videos together but also we give aesthetic to the final outcome by adding effects, texts, touching the colour grading (I’ll get into the details soon) as well as adding music to the background. So we build a completely new thing out of the materials which you shared with us. No matter how small/big or bad/good your footages are, we are able to create something. For this reason, even a minute long video might be taking hours to create.

  • How long does it take for the freelancer video editors complete a video?

It purely depends on the project that you want us to accomplish. First you need to be telling us what you want and we need to review it and fully understand the picture in your mind. Then it comes to the footage sharing part which is the most cumbersome part. You, as a client, need to be uploading GBs of data to a file sharing platform (like dropbox or google drive or wetransfer ; these are the most used ones) and wait for us (the video editor) to download them all. Once everything is settled and the editor downloads them all, he starts looking at the footages that he recently downloaded. This is where we starts to draw the outlines of your video in his mind. Usually it’s taking 3-5 hours to create a 1 minute video. But this can be longer if the request is more specific. If you are not in a big hurry, give it a couple of days for the editors to create your video because we normally intend to watch couple of videos which are similar to what you demanded from us.

  • How should I pick the right video editor for my project?

Look at his portfolio. See what he did in his recent works. Get in touch with him if you like his creativity. And tell him what you have in your mind and ask if he’s capable of accomplishing it and ask how much it may cost and how long it will take for him to do so. Be open to the editor and be patient with him. Let him repeat what he understood. If you are satisfied with his creativity, skills, previous works, language capability, price, deadline, go ahead and deal with him.

  • What should I be looking at as I get the final video from the video editor?

Look at the quality of the video. If your footages are 720p or 1080p or 4k, you shouldn’t normally get 640×480! You should be getting the final video in the exact resolution as your footages are, unless you want the opposite. Also look at the colours from one scene to another. We, video editors, call it colour grading. Colour grading refers to the video editors playing with the colors of a scene and usually it’s the most crucial thing in the video. So if you have a dark scene and light scene following it, uups, there is a problem! Tell the editor to fix it. I’m not mentioning that you are supposed to be looking at how the story is told.

  • Why should I hire you for my video?

I’ve been in the business for a few years but then I started working as a freelancer since I feel much more comfortable working from home rather than going to the offices. I like meeting new people and helping them out. Your projects are turning into my own projects as we meet and I not only support you with my affordable fees but also try to extend your vision about the art of video. If you like my previous works (click to go to my portfolio) and want to communicate with me, please be my guest and let’s exchange emails. If there is a project I can’t do for you, I’ll guide you to the correct person.

Thank you,