Behind the Scenes – Making the Music Video w/ Edi Roque

-It was a great experience to work with Edi on his behind the scenes music video
project. His new song will soon be a hit hopefully and I am glad to have part on the publishing end of it.

When Edi came to me, he wanted me to produce the music video with his new great song. I of course said Yes in the first minute since I find it a very entertaining project to handle. Edi Roque, who is a well known musician, shared all the footages with me which were recorded by a professional team during the music recording sessions. It was a lot fun watching all those videos in the post-production phase. We always stayed in touch with Edi and I showed him what I have done thus far. After a few revisions we were there where we wanted to be. The outcome is as below. I hope you like the song, video and I hope it is a good proof as to how complex it is to record a song. I am leaving the stage to Edi now.

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